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Adam Harris

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What I Look For in an Open Source Project

I don’t have a ton of experience with open source, but I’m really starting to get into it. I’ve had some ups and downs as I’ve put some stuff out there in the wild for people to use and as I’ve tried to use stuff that people have put out there. So, I just thought I’d share my feelings about what makes a good open source project, and what I look for when I need to use an open source project.

Firebase Pianobar Widget

I’ve been using pianobar for a while now to listen to Pandora in the command line. I’ve also been experimenting with Firebase to make real-time apps.

My iTerm 2 Setup

I started using iTerm 2 recently, mostly because of the ability to use the mouse inside tmux and vim so that my coworkers can still scroll through my code on my computer. Other than that, I probably would have stuck with Terminal. But, with that being said, here are my settings in iTerm.