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2014 was a pretty great year! Here’s a recap of some things.

How to Convert a Wordpress Site to Jekyll with Github Pages

I recently converted a site from Wordpress to Github Pages. It’s not a fancy site. It’s just normal pages and posts with contact form, so I didn’t need to use any custom jekyll plugins, so Github pages can just generate the site for me automatically as soon as I make commits. The site does host a podcast though, and it was pretty simple to have Jekyll generate that rss feed for me.

Learning Emacs Part 1

It seems like there are a lot of die-hard fans of vim or emacs out there, and if you use a console editor, you’re in one camp or the other, but for me, the choice to learn vim was just a toss-up. I was pretty happy with Sublime Text 2 at the time. I had dabbled with screen and emacs at one point, and I had heard of vim. The only reason I decided to learn vim was because I met someone who used vim. And that was all it took. Now I knew someone who really used it. Their environment was beautiful, they were productive, and now I knew it was actually possible in the real world to use a console-based editor. So with that I dove right into vim and I’ve been using it full-time for over a year now.