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Adam Harris

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Vim Slides from Utah Code Camp

I had a great time talking at Utah Code Camp for the first time this year. Here are my slides if you want to check them out. Also, here is a link to all the vim gifs of the plugins.

New Css Transitions Controls in Chrome Devtools

A coworker of mine, pointed out an awesome new feature of Chrome Devtools. When you have a css transtition in the styles pane, you may notice a new icon next to it:

How to Switch from Vundle to vim-plug

I just switched over from vundle to vim-plug. Part of the reason why is because I’m now trying out Neovim, which allows for asynchronous plugins, and vim-plug supports installing plugins ascynchronously. Another reason is that it supports post-update hooks, which means that I can install YouCompleteMe, without having to manually go and run the install script after installing it.

How to Switch from Vim to Neovim

I just switched over from vim to neovim, and it’s really easy, in fact it’s actually so easy that you can fit it in a tweet, but I wanted to explain the steps I took to switch over.