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How to Create Amazon Affiliate Links

I started using Amazon Affiliate links to see if I can earn a little money from my websites and when you go to get a link for a product, you end up with something really long and hard to understand like this:

Get The Current Year In Jekyll

At the bottom of several of my websites I have a copyright notice with the current year and I realized that I would have to go and update all of them each year. So instead I decided to use Jekyll to automatically output the current year.

How to Start Learning Javascript

I first started learning “web development” when there probably wasn’t such a thing as web development. There were webmasters. And I wanted to be a webmaster when I grew up. It sounded cool to be a master of the web. But back then, there actually wasn’t a lot about the web that you need to master. There was html. And there was some css and some JavaScript. But JavaScript wasn’t a “real language”. You could do some fun stuff with it sure, like have stars follow your cursor across the page, but no serious programming.