Problem with tmux When Upgrading to Yosemite

When I updated to Yosemite and started tmux, I get this warning every time I open a new tmux window:

How to Learn Vim

I’ve learned vim over the past year. Here’s some of the things I recommand to start learning vim.

Google Bookshelves Widget

I have previously made a Google Bookshelves Wordpress plugin, but since I’m not using Wordpress anymore, I thought I would build basically the same thing in JavaScript. The code of the old one is horrible and it basically just builds out the html inside the php. It doesn’t use ajax, and it can only show up to 40 books.

Mini 2048 Game

This weekend I decided to build a little clone based off of 2048, but instead of forking the main 2048 game, I decided to build one from scratch using D3, which I’ve never used before. But it turns out that using D3 was the easy part, the hard part was making the logic for moving the tiles.

Android Automation

In my last post about releasing for android, I had a long list of commands that you had to run, to finally create a releasable apk file. It looked something like this: