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Vim Cheatsheet

I was talking to my friend who works in IT and occasionally has to use vim. And he hates it. He said that they have a little handwritten cheatsheet by the keyboard to help them out, but I thought it might be nice to make a beautiful cheatsheet that just gives the barebone essentials for people that have to use vim (or vi), but don’t want to. So I asked my wife to design it for me. There is dark version and also a light version in case you want to print it.

My iTerm 2 Setup

I started using iTerm 2 recently, mostly because of the ability to use the mouse inside tmux and vim so that my coworkers can still scroll through my code on my computer. Other than that, I probably would have stuck with Terminal. But, with that being said, here are my settings in iTerm.

How to Learn Vim

I’ve learned vim over the past year. Here’s some of the things I recommand to start learning vim.

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