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How to Convert a Wordpress Site to Jekyll with Github Pages

I recently converted a site from Wordpress to Gihub Pages. It’s not a fancy site. It’s just normal pages and posts with contact form, so I didn’t need to use any custom jekyll plugins, so Github pages can just generate the site for me automatically as soon as I make commits. The site does host a podcast though, and it was pretty simple to have Jekyll generate that rss feed for me.

Learning Emacs Part 1

It seems like there are a lot of die-hard fans of vim or emacs out there, and if you use a console editor, you’re in one camp or the other, but for me, the choice to learn vim was just a toss-up. I was pretty happy with Sublime Text 2 at the time. I had dabbled with screen and emacs at one point, and I had heard of vim. The only reason I decided to learn vim was because I met someone who used vim. And that was all it took. Now I knew someone who really used it. Their environment was beautiful, they were productive, and now I knew it was actually possible in the real world to use a console-based editor. So with that I dove right into vim and I’ve been using it full-time for over a year now.

What I Look For in an Open Source Project

I don’t have a ton of experience with open source, but I’m really starting to get into it. I’ve had some ups and downs as I’ve put some stuff out there in the wild for people to use and as I’ve tried to use stuff that people have put out there. So, I just thought I’d share my feelings about what makes a good open source project, and what I look for when I need to use an open source project.

Vim Cheatsheet

I was talking to my friend who works in IT and occasionally has to use vim. And he hates it. He said that they have a little handwritten cheatsheet by the keyboard to help them out, but I thought it might be nice to make a beautiful cheatsheet that just gives the barebone essentials for people that have to use vim (or vi), but don’t want to. So I asked my wife to design it for me. There is dark version and also a light version in case you want to print it.

Firebase Pianobar Widget

I’ve been using pianobar for a while now to listen to Pandora in the command line. I’ve also been experimenting with Firebase to make real-time apps.

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